My passion for coding and design makes me a true allrounder!

Alexander Pippan Portrait

My little background story

Early on I became obsessed with the creative possibilites of video and photography by having my first serious hands-on camera experience at the age of 7. Influenced by the rising WWW I chose to graduate on a school for higher technical education in the field of IT.

Besides those 5 years of mainly technical education I used my spare time to improve my visual skills by designing websites and working on smaller video projects and game extensions. My extensive contribution to the Max Payne Community and perfectionistic view on details was rewarded with several leveldesign awards.

I further improved myself by completing a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg. During this study I focused on Film, Animation, Visual Effects and Web Technologies. I closed my so called allrounder-circle by getting my Master of Arts degree in Digitals Arts being specialized in Game Design.

Currently I am passionate about developing games for mobile devices. It's a pleasure to see people having a good time and enjoying my creations.

Developer vs Designer

I love it to make success stories happen. Being part developer and part designer let's me flexibly deal with any type of new and creative project idea and its changing demands. When working in a team I see myself as kind of a glue that holds together and electrifies the teams competences. Therefore one of my current goals is to further improve my management skills.


To say I am part designer and part developer doesn't hit the bullseye—it's kind of depends on the project. For the sake of convenience let's use some precise numbers on how I generally see my competences distributed:

00.00% & 00.00%

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Alexander Pippan